Red Star Pictures Cares about your safety on set!

We’ve spent our time reflecting and designing a program that ensures the safety of our customers and equipment from the time our employees arrive at work to the time our equipment is returned and sent on to the next job.



  • Our employees will follow all current CDC, State and Local best practices and recommendations for personal and workplace sanitary measures.
  • Face Masks will be required for all employees and visitors.
  • Sanitation stations will be located throughout our warehouses and offices.


  • Our QC process will be adjusted to allow us to thoroughly sanitize all inbound equipment effectively and safely.
  • Our Red Star Cares seal will be applied to all large gear items after cleaning.
  • Cleaning supplies will be available for all in-house preps should crew desire to re-sanitize during loading.


  • Our new procedure will see the interior of our vehicles be deep cleaned after each rental.
  • High contact surfaces will be wiped down again as part of our updated checkout procedure.
  • Each vehicle will have a Red Star Cares checklist in the cab with the date the sanitizing was performed.


  • We understand that sanitation is the new normal and Red Star will uphold our methods to the highest degree.
  • You can rest assured that cleaning our gear will become just another step in our process and will not be billed as an additional service.

Cares Seal

Watch for our Red Star Pictures Cares seal on your gear and vehicles for sanitation piece of mind.